A Capacitor is a device which has the ability or capacity to store

energy in the form of an electrical charge producing a potential

difference ( static voltage) across its plates, much like a small

rechargeable battery.

Q1 A 2μF, 4μF and 10μF capacitor are connected in series. The total capacitance is

  • 2μF
  • 4μF
  • 1.1μF
  • 1.5μF

  • 1.1μF

 Equivalent capacitance in series is 1/C = 1/C1 + 1/C2+1/C3

Q2 A 10 μF, 20 μF, 22 μF, and 100 μF capacitor are in parallel. The total capacitance is

  • 2.43 μF
  • 4.86 μF
  • 100 μF
  • 152 μF

  • 152 μF 

(Equivalent capacitance in parallel connection is C= C1+ C2+C3) 

Q3 Two Capacitors of 2 μF and 3 μF are connected in series across 10 V. The potential difference across the 2 μF capacitor will be 

  • 4 V
  • 6 V
  • 8 V
  • 10 V

  • 6 V

(Use formulae Q = CV)

Q4 Work done in charging a capacitor is 

  • `\frac{1}{2}`QV
  • QV
  • `Q^{2}V`
  • 2QV

  • `\frac{1}{2}`QV

Q5 Energy store in a 4000 μF capacitor charged to a potential difference of 50V will be 

  • 50J 
  • 10J 
  • 5J 
  • 100J

  • 5J Energy stored in a charged capacitor is  `\frac{1}{2}`C`V^{2}`

Q6 We get maximum energy from a set of capacitors?

  • When they are connected in parallel.
  • When they are connected in series.
  • Both a and b.
  • None of these.

  • Both a and b.

Q7 If the charge in a capacitor is 4C and the energy stored in it is 4J, find the value of capacitance.

  • 2F  
  • 4F 
  • 8F 
  • 16F


Q8 There is some loss of energy when two capacitors are combined

  • True
  • False

  • True

Q9 If the distance between the plates of parallel plate capacitor is halved and the dielectric constant is doubled, then its capacity will

  • Increase by 16 times 
  • Increase by 4 times
  • Increase by 2 times 
  • remains the same

  • Increase by 4 times

Q10 A parallel plate capacitor is charged and then isolated. When a dielectric material is inserted between the plates of the capacitor, which of the following does not change ? 

  • Electric field between the plates 
  • Energy stored in the capacitor
  • Potential difference across the plates 
  • Charge on plates

  • Charge on plates


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