History GK : MUGHAL EMPIRE NCERT 7th class


Major campaigns and events in Babur's life Babur 

Established the Mughal Empire in India 
Ruled from 1526 to 1530 
Fought the First Battle of Panipat in 1526; defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodi 
Fought the Battle of Khanua in 1527; defeated the King of Mewar, Rana Sanga and his allies ·
Fought the Battle of Chanderi in 1528; defeated the Rajputs 

Major campaigns and events in Humayun's life Humayun (Babur's son) 

Ruled from 1530 to 1540 and again from 1555 to 1556 
Divided his inheritance according to his father Babur's will 
Fought the Battle at Chausa (1539); lost to Sher Shah Suri 
Fought the Battle at Kanauj (1510); lost to Sher Shah Suri and ran away to Iran 
Recaptured Delhi in 1555 with the help of Safavid Shah of Iran Died in an accident in 1556 

Major campaigns and events in Akbar's life Akbar (Humayun's son) 

Ruled from 1556 to 1605 
Launched military campaigns against the Suris and other Afghans, Gondwana and Uzbegs between 1556 and 1570; suppressed the revolt of his half brother Mirza Hakim.
Captured Malwa and Chittor, which was the stronghold of Sisodiyas in 1568; captured Ranthambhor in 1569 
Launched military campaigns in Gujarat in 1572 and in Bengal in 1574 
Launched military campaigns in Bihar and Orissa between 1570 and 1585 
Captured Kabul in 1581 after the death of Mirza Hakim 
Annexed Kashmir, Berar, Khandesh and parts of Ahmednagar between 1585 and 1605 
Captured Qandahar from the Safavids in 1601 
Faced a series of rebellions from Prince Salim or Jahangir during the last years of his reign 

Did You Know? Akbar became the emperor when he was just 13 years old. In the early years of his administ he was guided by his regent, Bairam Khan.

Major campaigns and events in Jahangir's life Jahangir (Akbar's son) 

Also known as Prince Salim 
Ruled from 1605 to 1627 
Gained Rajput loyalty by defeating one of the Sisodia rulers of Mewar, Maharana Amar Singh 
Launched less successful military compaigns against the Sikhs, the Ahoms and Ahmadnagar 
Faced a rebellion by Shah Jahan during the last year of his reign Died of illness in 1627 

 Important point: 

Impressed with the support and loyalty of his wife Nur Jahan (or Mehrunissa) towards him, Emperor Jahangir issued silver coins bearing his own title on one side and the inscription 'struck in the name of Queen Begum, Nur Jahan' on the other.

Major campaigns and events in Shah Jahan's life Shah Jahan (Jahangir's son) 

Also known as Prince Khurram 
Ruled from 1627 to 1658 
Annexed Ahmadnagr in 1632 and sued the Bijapur forces Defeated the Afghan noble Khan Jahan Lodi who rebelled against him 
Lost Qandahar to the Safavids in 1653 and led an unsuccesful campaign to seize Balkh from the Uzbegs
Defeated the Bundelas and seized Orchha Fought battle against Deccan princes in 1655 
Lost to Aurangzeb in conflict over succession (between 1657 and 1658) got imprisoned for the rest of his life.
Died in prison in 1666 . 

 Major campaigns and events in Aurangzeb's life Aurangazeb (Shah Jahan's son) 

Ruled from 1658 to 1707 
Defeated the Ahoms in 1663, who rebelled again in 1680s 
Led temporarily successful campaigns against the Yusufzais and the Sikhs 
Faced a rebellion by the Rathore Rajputs of Marwar, the Jats and the Satnamis 
Annexed Bijapur in 1685 
Annexed Golconda in 1687 
Met with initial success in the fight against the Maratha chief Shivaji who was insulted by him, ran away from Agra and later came back to fight the Mughals Faced rebelliion by his son, Prince Akbar, who finally fled to Safavid Iran

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